Beginner • Intermediate • Advanced • No Wind


We believe in one-on-one or small group lessons. We recognize that every student has difference proficiencies and different levels of comfort with various elements of the sport. We strive to give as much personal attention as we can, and know that our students benefit.


So you’ve been thinking about learning to kiteboard. You’ve watched a few YouTube videos from your desk at work and you’re ready to give it a try.

In a Beginner Lesson, we will cover all the basics of wind and site assessment, the fundamentals of the equipment you’ll be using, basic safety and kite control. By the end of the first lesson, you will have learned how to identify a safe location and the proper wind for kiteboarding, how to control and generate power with a two-line kite, and been introduced to a four-line kite and board setup. You will get out on the water and begin to “body-drag”, which is the first step toward getting your feet on a board. You will also be taught how to re-launch the kite from the water.


The Intermediate Lesson is when the fun begins. We will perform a quick refresher on what you learned in prior lessons, then hit the water. The Intermediate Lesson is when you will practice and master “body-dragging”, re-launching the kite, board recovery drags and flying the kite with one hand. Depending on how far along you have progressed, we will then have you try getting up on the board.

After the first 2 hours of your Intermediate Lesson are complete, you will then move onto the board the next time you come for another lesson. Here we will practice water starts, downwind and upwind riding to make you a proficient kiteboarder.


So you are now ready to get out there and ride on your own but still need some coaching. In the Advanced Lesson we will work on transitions, riding toe-side, supervised riding and finally what you’ve been waiting for – jumping.

No Wind

So it’s not windy every day. We’ve got some options. For beginner kiteboarders, there is a lot we can cover in light wind conditions, and we’ll make the decision in advance of your lesson whether the conditions and your skill level will allow us to make the most of lesson time.

Light wind is the perfect opportunity to practice self-rescues on the water, master light-launch spot setup and landings, tune your gear and get you ready for the wind starts to really blow.

Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons

If you won't benefit from a light wind lesson, still come down to the beach and rent on our stand up paddleboards. You can paddle on Napeague Harbor or take the board over to the ocean for a surf session.


2 students / 1 instructor - $100 / person / hour
Private coaching - $150 / hour
We accept cash and major credit cards.


We recognize that peoples’ schedules change and will try to accommodate as best we can. However, since lesson time is in high demand on weekends and during the busy summer months, and because we need the right weather to teach, we must enforce our cancellation policy. If a student cancels with too little notice, that’s a time we’re unable to give to someone else.

A credit card is required to reserve a lesson. We require more than 24 hours cancellation notice in order to issue a full refund.

If a student cancels within 24 hours of a scheduled lesson, half the cost of the lesson booked will be charged to the credit card given at time of booking.

If a student cancels within 8 hours of a scheduled lesson, the full cost of the lesson will be charged to the credit card given at time of booking.

No credit is given for late arrivals. If it is possible to accommodate a late arrival, all instructors will do so, but most lessons are booked back-to-back with little scheduling flexibility.

If we have to cancel a lesson for any reason, the customer is entitled to a full refund or may reschedule at no cost.